Our Story

Home. It’s more important than ever. It’s comfort, contentment, safety, and security. At Bright Endeavors, we craft home fragrance products that ground you in those feelings and wrap you in the comfort of home.

But our candles do something else, too: Artfully hand-poured by the young moms in our paid job training program, each Bright Endeavors candle lights the way toward strong families and bright futures. As a social enterprise of the Chicago nonprofit New Moms, Bright Endeavors engages young moms in our paid job training program where they learn comprehensive skills, gain confidence, and forge career paths, all while learning what is required to power a small business for our growing brand of artisanal scented candles. 100% of Bright Endeavors proceeds support New Moms’ nonprofit programs providing housing, job training, college success, and family support for young moms facing barriers caused by systemic poverty. Learn more about our work via our parent non-profit New Moms.

Join us as we partner with incredible moms as they embark on their parenting and career journeys by shopping our candles here.

Learn more about how young moms progress through the job training program here:

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