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Our Story

Bright Endeavors is an innovative social enterprise that creates brighter futures for young moms by employing them to craft premium soy candles in a supportive, professional environment. Through our paid job training program, we provide the guidance and job skills young moms need to secure quality employment and begin working toward professional success.

We know young moms represent a groundbreaking opportunity for family and community transformation.

Every mom wants to provide a safe and loving home for her child. Unfortunately, for a young mom battling homelessness and poverty, that home can feel out of reach. In most cases, these women are living in low-income communities without access to quality education or job opportunities. Under these circumstances, the barriers to an empowered life filled with hope and opportunity can be overwhelming. Bright Endeavors exists to partner with these strong women and help illuminate the path toward a brighter future.


Your Impact

Every candle at Bright Endeavors is about creating powerful moments. These moments awaken a young mom’s self-worth, dreams, potential, and goals. In our program, every day is an opportunity to develop confidence creating a premium candle, feel the satisfaction after a hard day’s work, and know the joy of working as a team to accomplish a goal. We are constantly striving for the moment when a young mom realizes that she has the power to write her own story and open doors for her child. And no one can stop her.

Throughout her time in our program, we celebrate her moments of triumph – the moment she deposits her first paycheck; passes her GED; earns a job offer; gains acceptance into college; secures quality childcare; and provides a safe home for her children. At Bright Endeavors, our purpose is to help create these moments.

By investing in young moms with Bright Endeavors, you can touch the lives of two generations at once: the emerging life of a young mom and the unwritten story of her child. We invite you to light a candle and transform a life with us to make these moments possible.

Every candle is another opportunity for a young mom to move closer to her goals. Thank you for being part of this transformation.

New Moms is the parent organization of Bright Endeavors. If you want to learn about the many ways that New Moms transforms the lives of young families, click here.

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