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Our Story

Dear Friends,

What an uncertain and stressful time this is. As a small business and nonprofit, we certainly feel it, too. But we want to remind you, our friends and family, that we are in this together. As we navigate the changing world during this pandemic, we stay grounded in our mission to surround young moms with all they need to create strong families and bright futures.

During this crisis:

  • We have closed our production floor to make sure that the moms in our program can stay home, stay safe, and care for their families.
  • We are continuing to pay our staff and participants during this closure. As valued members of our team, we want to ensure they are supported during this crisis.
  • We are still fulfilling orders and 100% of proceeds from sales and donations directly support our commitment to keeping young moms safe at home and on the payroll during this crisis.

Thank you, as always, for your support, and for lighting the way for the moms in our program and your community at large.

We are sending love to you all as we weather this storm together,

-The Bright Endeavors Team

About Our Candles

Home. It’s more important than ever. It’s comfort, contentment, safety, and security. At Bright Endeavors, we craft candles that ground you in those feelings and wrap you in the comfort of home. 

But our candles do something else, too: Artfully hand-poured by the young moms in our paid job training program, each Bright Endeavors candle lights the way toward strong families and bright futures. By providing transitional jobs and professional skills training, moms build a life full of empowerment and possibility. Through their own hard work and with your support, these incredible moms create strong and loving homes where their families can make a lifetime of memories.

Shop our candles where 100% of proceeds support our mission to empower young moms, their kids, and our communities.

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