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Candle Rental

Thank you for your interest in our candle rental service. We have an important development. After much thought and business planning meetings, we will be ending our candle rental service on January 25, 2019. Our scented candle business is rapidly growing and we need to shift our operations to continue our growth in that business line. Thanks to the support of many event venues, restaurants, couples, and galas we’ve been able to redirect thousands of glass from landfills and provide a unique service across Chicago. It was a hard decision to end this service, but we are excited to grow the other areas of our business.

If you are planning an event and would like to support Bright Endeavors, we offer customizable candle event favors. Please contact us at for more info.

If you are planning an event before January 25, 2019, and would like to add our candle rental service, please contact us below:


  1. Place candle order on Monday.
  2. Receive candles on Friday (either pick up or delivery).
  3. Burn our beautiful soy candles.
  4. Return used glasses the following week.
  5. Repeat.

Our candle rental deliveries are on Fridays and we pick-up the used candles the following Friday. However, alternative arrangements are possible.

To place a candle rental order, please complete this form.

  • Candles come in racks of 49 candles each
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