Go Out And Soar

Bright Endeavors’ career coaches and training specialists had the extraordinary opportunity to witness our recent group of graduates bloom over the past 4 months. “We expect great things of our moms,”  noted Cathy Robinson-Yates., Bright Endeavors’ Training Specialist.

Graduate Spotlights:


Her advice to the next group of young moms:

“Just stick with it, 4 months goes by fast! I was promoted to a Team Lead where I supervised other Production Assistants. This has been my greatest success and challenge while working here!”

young mom holding baby in living room

At Bright Endeavors, India found friendship and support. In the future, she wants to create a space where other women feel that sense of community by opening her own dance studio.


“Bright Endeavors taught me a lot. I learned how to remain professional and become a better me.”

young mom making candles
photo by Anjali Pinto

Each of the graduates is onto their next great thing and have secured permanent employment and/or enrolled in school.
“The young moms that come after will see this and no doubt be inspired,” said our Employment Specialist, Musa Macenyane.
As the ceremony wrapped up, training supervisors had one last piece of encouragement, “Go out there and soar!”

Congratulations to our graduates. Shop here to be part of a mom’s career journey.

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