August Workforce Update


A scene from our recent Milestone Celebration. At the ceremony, we celebrated four Production Assistants. We also celebrated the Production Assistants, not in attendance who already found permanent employment in the industries of hospitality and customer service, way to go!

A special thank you to Sarai Garza, Program Officer of Financial Opportunities at LISC Chicago for speaking at our Milestone Celebration.

Sarai reminded us all of the importance of hospitality. She called us to remember what we have to offer, to network, and to remain open to learning.

Thank you, Sarai!

Shaneka was one of our recent program graduates. She will be moving on to work for the Chicago Transit Authority. While at Bright Endeavors, Shaneka excelled to become a team lead, created solutions, and was dependable and reliable. We know she will shine her light wherever she goes!

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