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Ways To Create Positive Community Impact

If you’ve been following us on social media, we have been sharing some suggestions for ways we can each have a positive community impact. From starting with ourselves by practicing awareness to suggestions for outward action, here are 5 ways:

  1. Create More Love

    The first way, we recognize, to have a more positive impact on our community is to start with ourselves. Daily meditation, mindfulness and practicing gratitude increases our ability to create more love in this world. Do you agree that you have the power to send more love to the world, to strangers on the street and to loves ones?

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  2. Give More

    Start by giving more than what is expected.
    Whether it is helping a colleague work on a project, organizing a neighborhood clean-up, or shoveling snow at an elderly neighbor’s house, learn to become aware of what is happening around you and what others are experiencing. This helps you to live more fully in the present.
    If you’re looking to connect with a local organization to volunteer once or many times, check out Volunteer Match that connects people with organizations that match your interests. Or head over to New Moms for volunteer opportunities!

  3. Have an Impact at Work

    Yes, you can still have an impact in your for-profit workplace! You’re there all the time anyway, right?

    If you’re in a leadership role, explore particular causes with your employees to determine the ones they would like to champion. Choose charities or organizations whose objectives align with your company’s culture or corporate mission.
    Or ask your leadership team if you can organize team charitable events. For example, volunteer with a local Habitat for Humanity home building project. The collective group can work together to achieve something for the community. And you can make the case that this will be an effective team-building event for employees!

  4. Get To Know Your Community

    Also, a great place to start having a positive impact!

    -Attend A Community Meeting
    Community meetings are a great place to meet people from your neighborhood while developing a deeper familiarity with that community. And you never know, maybe you’ll discover a passion for local politics or activism along the way
    -Become a mentor
    Become a mentor to someone who would benefit from your skills, knowledge, and experience. Maybe there’s someone in your social circles or profession you would like to help along the way. If not organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters are there to help you connect you with youth in your area.
    -Shop Local
    Support local businesses and locally owned brands that are committed to community involvement.

  5. Go vote

    Another way to create positive community impact is to vote for local, county, city, and state government officials who can create impact.
    Informing yourself on the issues that are in front of your representatives and urging your reps to take action is another way you can start making a positive social impact right in your local community.
    Volunteering at polling places and ensuring everyone has access to vote is another important step.

    Don't wait just start

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*Thank you for tuning into our #communityimpact series this month and don’t forget to comment on the posts if you have any other suggestions for creating positive community impact!


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