Unlocking Your Potential, 5 Questions with Jennie Dede from LinkedIn

As you probably know, we value creating jobs and finding solutions to permanent employment at Bright Endeavors. That’s why we were thrilled to have Jennie Dede, Head of Customer Success for LinkedIn join our Business Advisory Council, a team of experts in their field who help provide valuable perspectives to inform our strategic direction. We appreciate Jennie’s tips for unlocking your potential, and how companies are starting to incorporate more mindful hiring practices and advancement opportunities for women and moms. Read more below!

  1. Can you please tell us how you become involved with the New Moms board and the Bright Endeavors Business Advisory Council?

 I joined the board of New Moms last September. I was introduced to the organization through a program called Board Lead. Board Lead helps introduce board opportunities to participating companies. I was so inspired as I learned about the mission and the impact that New Moms is making.

During a board meeting, we learned about Bright Endeavors, and I was drawn to participate. The idea of providing job skills and experience in a supportive environment truly changes lives and I couldn’t help but want to be a part of it.

  1. As the Head of Customer Success for LinkedIn’s Global Accounts, can you tell us more about what your role entails?

LinkedIn has a vision to help provide economic opportunity to every member of the global workforce. We work to do this through a product suite that helps companies identify the best possible talent in the most efficient ways.  My team’s role is to help our clients maximize the value of their LinkedIn investment. We spend our days onboarding, activating and optimizing talent solutions.

I lead a team of people all around the world and we are lucky enough to partner with some of the most progressive and complex companies like Amazon, Disney, Walmart, and Samsung.

  1. You mention that you are passionate about people, transformation, and unlocking potential, can you unpack that for us? How can we, as job seekers, unlock our potential?

Jobseekers can unlock potential in so many ways. Here are my top two recommendations:

Build your network: Relationships matter! It is important to build your network, foster those relationships and leverage those people when you are ready for your “next play”. You can build your network with people in your current organization, or you can join professional networking groups that focus on your industry. Either way, meet people and learn from them every opportunity you can.

And finally, be open to opportunity: There is no such thing as a “perfect” job, however, each job provides a learning opportunity that will be a piece of your journey. Think about the next, next job you want. From there understand the gaps or learnings you need to get that job. Make your career choices based on that learning path.

  1. How have you seen the recruitment industry change over the years? Do you find there are more opportunities for women and moms?

The recruitment industry continues to evolve as we look to make the process easier and more candidate friendly. Many companies are looking to drive automation into their process in order to get the best candidates identified quickly and people hired faster.

I also think companies are understanding the need for flexible work schedules trying to make accommodations where they can. In some industries, we also see an increased amount of work from home jobs, which often allows for more flexibility.

As for more opportunity for women, I am so fortunate to work for a company like LinkedIn. About five years ago they saw an unbalanced number of men in the Director plus roles. They created a Women’s Invest Program that targets providing high potential women the skills needed to advance in their career. I was able to participate in this program in the fall and it was such a gift. I do believe other companies are starting to realize the gender gap and are trying to find ways in their recruitment process as well as their internal talent reviews to drive improvement. We have a long way to go, but progress is happening.

  1. You are also a mom to two boys, any advice for working moms or companies who hire working moms?

My advice to any working mom is to be patient with yourself. I know so many moms who suffer from incredible amounts of “mom guilt.” I am one of them! I want to be to be able to excel in every aspect of my life. Sometimes (most times) it is not possible, and always a balancing act. It’s important to remember that and cut yourself some slack. It is also important to allow for some “me time” in your week. I get up at 5:00 most mornings just to have some alone time. And most importantly, find yourself some really awesome girlfriends. They are the ones who will help keep you grounded and laughing and nothing is better than that!

Jennie, thank you for your insight and dedication to New Moms and Bright Endeavors! We hope to learn more about hiring trends and ways we can incorporate how companies recruit into our workforce program.

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