Production Assistant Spotlight: Shantia

A friend who worked at Bright Endeavors encouraged Shantia to apply since she loves candles and wanted to try something new. Shantia was nervous at first, starting a new job, but quickly discovered she enjoyed meeting new people and learning new tasks. She shared that she lost her mom about 9 months ago so the community aspect of working alongside other young moms in a supportive environment became a valuable part of coming to Bright Endeavors.

A challenging part of the program was practicing mock interviews and crafting an elevator speech to potential employers. In addition, working on getting some of the small details absolutely perfect, such as placing the wick in the candle was also somewhat challenging, but a skill she learned to master.

Through her time at Bright Endeavors, Shantia explains, “I learned to not give up no matter the obstacle. Also, I learned how to work well with all different types of women.” While working through the program, Shantia was focusing on obtaining certification to work as a security guard. One of her other goals is to go to school for nursing or pharmacy.

She shares this with other young moms, “Don’t get discouraged whatever obstacle you face. Don’t let it stop you from doing what you have to do for you and your children.”

Thank you, Shantia! As you move on from Bright Endeavors we want to repeat your advice back to you, don’t give up!

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