5 Questions With Taylor of The Haute Seeker

At Bright Endeavors, we strive to have our pulse on what’s happening in our city to be able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities around us. We first connected with Taylor of The Haute Seeker about a year ago and instantly became hooked on her blog, a society and culture outlet for both local Chicagoans and tourists alike to discover unique shops, restaurants, events, and designers throughout the city’s 77 neighborhoods. Taylor also takes the guesswork out of making weekend plans with a wonderful Weekend Seeker’s Guide, a weekly list of happenings where you may even find yourself pushing past your comfort zone and exploring another neighborhood. Follow her for her updates @thehauteseeker and sign up for her newsletter here.

1.) What are some of your favorite spots in Chicago?
I have so many! I never get tired of places like the Stoney Island Arts Bank and the Cultural Center for unique and local art exhibitions. I live in Pilsen, and enjoy any of the authentic Mexican restaurants along the 18th street! I love a good cocktail and can always find one of the many hotels in the city. My favorites being the Rafello and Ace Hotel.
2.) Who are some of your favorite Chicago artists/designers and what are some of the main messages in their work?
I really love the work by Max Sansing. He has a vast collection of public art across Chicago. He has an incredible sense of color and uses it to convey emotion and tell a story within a story. 
3.) What is one of the main goals of the weekend seeker’s guide? Do you feel it’s important for Chicagoans to explore the city and why?
One of the main goals of the weekend seeker’s guide is to help people find unique things to do in the city each and every weekend in Chicago. When I moved here, I literally knew no one. I lived in an area where I did not have access to many of my interest, so I took that opportunity to look up museums, shops, restaurants, etc. I knew that when I create The Haute Seeker.com, that I had to make guides a foundational part of my content because I know what it’s like to move someplace and be skeptical on where to go. I think exploring the city helps you understand a world that is outside of your own. It makes you more well-rounded when you can speak to an area, whether it is experiencing highs or lows when you actually understand the culture and community that make up that space. We are in an age of convenience. Convenience can be comfortable, which leads to complacency. The guide encourages people to step out of their comfort zones, go beyond their neighborhoods, and seek a community that they are unfamiliar and most importantly, share that experience with others so that they are enlightened as well. 
4.) How have you grown personally since starting the blog and moving to Chicago? What advice do you have for someone looking to start out?
Since starting the blog I have been able to create a platform that has allowed me to be creative without any limitations. It’s something that I can call my own. Something that is challenging me to embrace my passions and realize my purpose. It’s given me the creative kick that I have been missing for a long time. For anyone who is starting a blog, my advice is to be consistent and be yourself. Create content that is reflective of who you are as a person. People want authenticity, and they want it often. 
5.) What do you hope your readers will take away from your content in 2018?
I want my readers(a.k.a. fellow seekers) to really be challenged to adventure outside of their comfort zones. I want people to be inspired by the stories I share so that they continue to support local businesses, creatives, and community members who are making a difference. We have the power to change to perception of Chicago when we change our perspective as well.  
Thank you, Taylor~And Keep Seeking!

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