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During the Pay-What-You-Want event through July 4th, you can decide the price of our best-selling products as a symbol of our gratitude to you. The Gratitude candle is one of our top sellers in the history of Bright Endeavors and is meant as a symbol of appreciation for yourself and those around you. The Gratitude candle features notes of smoked magnolia, white pepper, and honey. Proceeds support job creation and training for young moms. The retail price is $28.

  • Signature Glass, Burn Time, 35-40 Hours
  • Made in Chicago, USA
  • Created in collaboration with Chicago community builder Jenny LeFlore
  • Made with soy wax & phthalate-free fragrance

Starting Price: $15.00

Our Mission

As a social enterprise of New Moms, we are part of a mission to strengthen families by partnering with young moms as they progress toward housing stability, economic mobility, and family well-being. At Bright Endeavors, young moms engage in a comprehensive, paid job training program where they gain career skills, a professional network, and a set of tools to help them thrive in their chosen profession, all while learning what is required to power a manufacturing and distribution operation for our growing home fragrance brand. Every purchase from Bright Endeavors and our partners across the country directly supports our job training program.

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