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Best Sellers Gift Box


Our best-selling scents from our classic collection, the Sugared Grapefruit, Cedar & Tobacco and the Lavender Sprig come wrapped in our vibrant gift box. Also included, are the small matchbox and product card. Perfect for host gifts, co-worker and teacher gifts.

  • 8oz Sugared Grapefruit, 8oz Cedar & Tobacco, 8oz Lavender Sprig
  • Matchbox and product card

Our Mission

Home. It’s the soft glow of your fireplace on a winter night. The gentle warmth emanating from the oven as your favorite cookies bake. The lingering aroma of your mom’s perfume after a big hug. It’s comfort, contentment, safety, and security. At Bright Endeavors, we craft candles that ground you in those feelings and wrap you in the comfort of home.

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