Your Impact

Every candle at Bright Endeavors is about creating powerful moments. These are the moments when everything changes for a young mom. They awaken her self-worth, dreams, potential, and goals. They are the instant a young mom realizes that she has the power to write her story and open doors for her child. And no one can stop her.

At Bright Endeavors, this moment is a young mom depositing her first paycheck; it is her growing confidence making a premium candle; it is her satisfaction after a hard day’s work; it is her beaming smile holding her first certificate; it is passing her GED; it is earning a job offer; it is gaining acceptance into college; it is securing quality childcare; it is providing a safe home for her children.

By investing in young moms with Bright Endeavors, you can touch the lives of two generations at once: the emerging life of a young mom and the unwritten story of her child. 

We invite you to light a candle and transform a life with us to make these moments possible.

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Learn More About New Moms

New Moms is the parent organization of Bright Endeavors. If you want to learn about the many ways that New Moms transforms the lives of young families, click here.