What Makes a Woman Strong, A Poem August 25, 2017 12:10

 Photo: Corri from @littlenectar

China, one of our participants, wrote this poem as we approach Women's Equality Day on 8/26.

What makes a Woman Strong

What makes a woman strong is it the hurt that lies upon her soul
Is it the tears being held back behind her lovely eyelids 

it is the courageous smile that she wears to fool, humiliation such as if you were nothing
the struggles the pain of holding it all in weakening your spirit
only know you've been high when you're feeling low, spirit of laughter lifts you high
wipes away all tears away
this is becoming the feeling of undefeated.
The ambition rises you to your feet
rage of all the anger give you
the price to begin great
those tears of joy win and lost making your mind, stronger and soul wiser plotting on a better future
all prayers are answered by going through the gates of heaven
to you, staying positive erases the heavy heart
the confidence you wear on your sleeves never left
it was buried in stress  
now it's so relief like a beautiful spa day