How To Use Candles In Your Wedding July 12, 2017 16:47

At Bright Endeavors, we think that any occasion calls for candles, especially those moments when you want a subtle, soft glow filling the room. The addition of candles to specifically wedding décor seems to be a trend in the industry as we are seeing more and more candlelight and less bright, up lighting. Candlelight is simply lovely and let’s be honest also flattering for knockout photos. 

According to candles can also equal big savings for budget-conscious brides. Rather than put an emphasis on flowers, it is advantageous to choose smaller arrangements and fill in with candles or use them to line the aisle rather than expensive floral garland.

We prefer to use white, unscented candles so as not to distract from the food or other décor elements. We also prefer soy wax candles since they will burn for the entire length of an event. The addition of candles to accent the room, especially at the centerpiece of each table, dessert table and bar easily elevate the look of your venue space. 

It is easy to incorporate candles into your décor to add a touch of sophistication. Here are some creative ways to add candlelight to your wedding venue.

  Votive candles placed around small floral arrangements creates a big impact for centerpiece decor.  

 Photo: Brian MacStay Photography


 The addition of votives is a sweet way to dress up the dessert table. 

 Photo: Steve Koo PhotographyFirehouse Chicago


We love the idea of contrasting tall floral arrangements with votive candles for an interesting, showstopping look. 

 Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings


One of our candle rental partners in Chicago, Gallery 1028, uses candles to line their brick walls as well as places them around the tables, altar and bar area. 

Photo: Gallery 1028


Votive candles can even add interest to an otherwise lackluster window sill. 

Photo: Tyler Ray PhotographyFirehouse Chicago


 Inside weddings pairs varying heights of candles to line stairs on the aisle stairs for a grand entrance, just be careful to move them out of the main walkway for wedding guests. 

Photo: Inside Weddings


As the sun goes down, candles help to highlight and dress up walkways. 

Photo: Todd Events