De'Lisa's Story July 28, 2017 11:26

Meet De’Lisa.  She is 24 years old with 3 kids. She started at New Moms on May 82017 after hearing about the program from a friend through a Facebook link. She is very shy about meeting new people with different personalities. Although she is comfortable working in a team she prefers to work alone. When she notices someone is down she likes to try to make them happy and smile. She can also be very humorous and uplifting.
Before entering the program De’Lisa’s highest level of education was a high school diploma and at Bright Endeavors she was able to receive her food handler’s certificate. She also gained interest in making candles and learning different things such as new and bigger tasks with scented candles and being able to complete the daily goal between 100-300 candles a day. Taking in all of this she learned to cope with different people’s personalities, picked up her work pace, acquired new work skills, and learned how to deal with personal issues as well as work issues. "It has been helpful to have people to help and look out for me", says De'Lisa. 
Although she enjoys mostly everything about Bright Endeavors she would like for it to be permanent employment and to be able to work full time.
Going beyond this De’Lisa looks forward to having a stable job and her own home and she is interested in working in either the gaming or electronic industry until she reaches her goal of owning her own gaming company.
De’Lisa’s advice for incoming participants to Bright Endeavors:
-Don’t bring negative energy
-Don’t take everything personal
-Enjoy work
-Follow the rules
-Don’t be afraid to ask for help
...And you’ll be as successful as she was here at Bright Endeavors.

 Written by current participants, Mariah and Branesha