A Gift To Honor Moms On Mother's Day April 18, 2017 16:14

Mother’s Day is our favorite holiday at Bright Endeavors. Every year around Mother’s Day we launch a special, limited edition scented candle to honor the moms that participate in our program as well as the moms we hope to reach. One of our young moms, Olivia, confirms, “This means a lot to have a special scent to honor moms, we work hard!”

Right after the New Year, Bright Endeavors staff and participants start thinking about a new scent for Mother’s Day. This past January, we started by looking at various trend forecasting materials related to fragrance and home décor to gather ideas. As a team, we narrowed down the scent directions to; a rose and currant scent, a freshly cut stem and floral scent and a jasmine and white tea scent. Our fragrance company, Lebermuth has thousands of fragrances to choose from so by creating 3 distinct directions, it helped them to pull variations within those categories and send samples.

At the end of the month, we received 12 different samples and immediately began testing for our favorites. We tested if the new scent would be complimentary to Bright Endeavors other candles, if the scent resonated with Mother’s Day and spring and if our customers would like it! Staff and young moms in our program weighed in on favorites. After tallying up all the votes, a scent was chosen.

Next, the young moms assessed naming options and label designs for the new candle. Laneisha, one of our young moms wanted to confirm that this would be a luxury candle since, “it is limited edition and different from the other candles that we make.”  We found that gathering information from both staff and the young moms who make the candles everyday produced a well-rounded survey. 

Christina, another mom gave the feedback, “I was excited for the new scent. I think we should do something really pretty, but not something too motherly, because what if other people who aren’t moms want to buy the candle too? Maybe something purple and floral for the design.”

Every week, the team at Bright Endeavors meets with the current group of young moms to give updates about sales goals, marketing efforts and of course solicit feedback and ideas for new products. Our new scent, Black Currant Orchid was chosen as a group effort and we are excited to share it with you. 

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