Meet Shonarrow February 04, 2016 13:22

A young mother at 19 years old, Shonarrow was having difficulty finding a direction for her life. Most of her days were spent at home with little to do. One day her aunt encouraged her to learn more about Bright Endeavors.

During her time at Bright Endeavors, Shonarrow has gained a perspective on her life that has helped her to see her future in a new light.  She is more determined to get things right in her life and is sharing about her dreams. She’s even been surprised at the things that motivate her in her work! ‘I really want to do my work right. I was working on labels and they weren’t quite straight so my job coach told me I had to do it better. Since then I’ve wanted to make sure that I was going to get it done right every time.’ 

Shonarrow has found a safe place at Bright Endeavors where she can ‘learn to open up more, be open, and trust others.’ Throughout her life she’s had to build up walls to keep herself safe and protected, but at Bright Endeavors Shonarrow says ‘the staff here are so cool so I want to build more friendships.’

Once she completes her transitional paid-internship at Bright Endeavors, Shonarrow is going to pursue a career in the medical field. To those young moms who follow her at Bright Endeavors, Shonarrow has these words of encouragement: ‘Keep believing, keep yourself on the right path, keep faith.’