Meet Sandra November 04, 2015 12:06

After becoming unemployed, Sandra was trying to figure out next steps for herself and her 4 year old daughter. She joined the Workforce Development Program at Bright Endeavors to find support and stable employment.

Sandra has grown so much as a person and as a professional. Her confidence is showing as she opens up and communicates well with her teammates and supervisors. She loves the creative side of candle making: creating scents, labeling and cleaning the candles for a high quality presentation. She is a hard worker and is growing in leadership skills.

During her time at Bright Endeavors, Sandra has had the opportunity to reflect on who she wants to become and begin to shape a new vision for her life. She shares: ‘I want to stand out in a positive way, inside and out. I want my performance and the positive vibe I have to be noticed and appreciated. I want my family to be stable in all areas of life, mentally, physically and financially.’

As Sandra moves on from Bright Endeavors, she is determined to pursue her goals. ‘I see my future and me accomplishing my goals. I need the skills and determination to get what I want. I want to keep growing in confidence and persevere even when I fall. You have to work for what you want.’