Meet Jasmine August 10, 2015 15:59

At Bright Endeavors, I gained on-the-job experience and saw potential in myself that I had never seen before – a career felt possible!

I became a mom at the age of 16. I didn’t know what kind of struggles I was going to face, but I made a promise to myself and my son that I would never give up. I joined the Workforce Development Program at New Moms, the parent organization of Bright Endeavors. A highlight of this program is a paid internship at Bright Endeavors. I gained so much confidence as I developed skills, not only in candle making, but also as a competent employee with leadership skills and potential to learn and grow in a work setting.

After my internship at Bright Endeavors, I went back to school and moved into my first apartment. I was fulfilling my promise to my son and I felt so hopeful about my future!

I now hold a permanent position at Bright Endeavors as a Production Team Lead, where I lead other young moms and mentor them in job skills and professionalism. I am on a mission to keep striving to exceed expectations! Because of Bright Endeavors I have achieved goals that take some people a lifetime to conquer.