18 Ways to Take Your Summer Decor From Bright and Breezy to Cozy and Chic for Fall

As the summer season shifts to fall, now is the perfect time to incorporate subtle changes to your home decor. Redecorating your home to reflect the changing seasons is a fun way to take inspiration from your surroundings, and fall decor is all about creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Even if you live in a seasonally warm climate like Orlando, FL, or are from Toronto, ON, where you’re beginning to feel the first signs of cooler weather ahead, there are plenty of ways to welcome the fall season into your home. Before you go all out and start packing up your summer decor, we reached out to experts for their best tips on transitioning your decor from summer to fall to achieve an effortless look. Here’s what they had to say:

Add seasonal touches

1) Ease into fall by keeping some traces of summer in your decor

Going from summer to fall decor doesn’t have to be as dramatic as you think. Ease the transition (and keep some summer items in play) by gathering inspiration from the color palettes of seasonal paintings—think Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or Monet’s Haystacks. These are filled with rich hues that will help your space move beautifully from the bold brightness of summer to the earthy warmth of autumn. -Stephanie Dixon, Director of Brand, Society6

2) Incorporate fall colors and textures

As the weather cools, it’s time to transition your home from summer vibes to cozy fall. Adding textures to your pillows and throws, displaying candles with pumpkin and spice scents, and adding warm fall colors will be relaxing and enjoyable for you and your family. With these simple ideas, the transition can be effortless and inexpensive. –Blue Paisley Designs

3) Layer fall decor elements

Effortlessly transition your home into fall by swapping in warm textures like faux fur blankets over backs of chairs and sofas and adding natural elements such as an organic wood accent piece. And don’t forget to add a shine – burnished brass is beautiful for a table setting and reflects flickering candles as the days get shorter. Top it off with unusual greenery or flowers to complete your fall look. –Sea & Pine Interior Design

4) Change out the little things

Swap out your current throw pillows, coasters, kitchen towels, or welcome mats with fall-inspired or autumn-colored ones. It’s an easy way to spice up your decor subtly and transition your home from one season to another. –Golden Child Candles

Bring in seasonal scents

5) Light your favorite fall-scented candles

It’s time to put away the citronella and citrus candles and transition into fall scents. Go beyond the traditional pumpkin scented candle and incorporate soothing sandalwood, smokey cedar, and rich cardamom and clove. Looking for a pet and family-friendly alternative to candles? Reed diffusers add an effortless way for you to create a cozy atmosphere at home as the temperatures drop. –Bright Endeavors

Cedar & Tobacco Reed Diffuser

6) Find scent inspiration from your surroundings

The right scent is like a warm hug greeting you at the door. Incorporate beautiful, hand-poured candles into your autumn decor, and welcome sweater season with the smell of apple cider and bonfires. –5B&Co. Candlemakers

7) Capture fall vibes in your living areas with warm and cozy scents

Focus on those areas you use the most, like your kitchen or living room, and create a warm ambiance with a candle. Woody and earthy scents like woodsmoke, patchouli, pine, and warm cider capture the essence of fall, people you love, and that cozy sweater you wear throughout the season. For areas like the bedroom and bathroom, a fall-inspired room and linen spray can be the go-to for extending those fall vibes throughout your space. –Peacesake Candles


8) Usher in sweater weather with rich and earthy scent notes

What better way to transition your home to fall than through the power of smell? Pull out your favorite fall candles or even try a couple of new ones. You’ll want to look for scents with notes of amber, tonka bean, bergamot, vanilla, and or spice to enhance the fall feeling. Some other fragrances that are great for the season are apple pie, pumpkin, caramel, and earthy smells like campfire and musk to create a fall atmosphere in your home. Don’t pick up just any candle, though – make sure it will burn cleanly, like a 100% soy wax candle with phthalate-free fragrances. –Peachy Candle Co.

Amber Tonka Bean Fall Soy Candle
Amber and Tonka Bean Soy Candles

Define your color palette

9) Lighten up the moody season with accents of soft whites

One of the easiest ways to add light into your home, especially when the weather is moody, is to decorate with white. A neutral white can be used year-round to celebrate and match each season, which is great for budget and storage concerns. Another great thing about the color white is its many “sister” shades that are only a hint different but look stunning when all used together.. –Lazzoni

10) Switch to warm hues

Welcome fall with a transition from the vibrant colors of summer to the warm, rich hues of fall – I personally think chocolate brown velvet is having a moment right now. Creamy whites and neutral nudes are a staple for every season, but it’s time to pack away your crisp linens and bring out that faux fur or sherpa throw to set the vibe. And last but not least, shift your focus from fresh floral bouquets to an attention-grabbing centerpiece; think dried fall-inspired botanicals or simple foliage. –Nicole Costa Design

Get cozy

11) Fill your house with squishy accents and cozy textures

Nothing puts you into a fall-ready mood like being surrounded with softness and squish. A thick crochet blanket resting on your couch with some textured knitted pillows and hot cocoa in your hand is all you need to feel cozy. To add to this homey effect, place a large bowl made of natural polished wood on your coffee table or an end table and fill it with yarn balls in earthy tones (think cremes, beiges, chocolate browns). A wall hanging made of soft fibers can be a great addition as well. –Kind Of Knit

12) Use warm colors and earthy tones

Add warmth to your home as we approach the cooler months by adding texture, color, and comfort. You can achieve this by adding throws, sheepskins, thick-piled rugs, or even layering multiple rugs together. If done correctly, it not only cradles you in comfort but adds a real sense of depth and luxury to your home. Warm colors and earthy tones are best to achieve a snug feel in any space. –Love-Rugs

13) Cuddle up with a chunky blanket

A chunky knit merino wool blanket is a unique way to add an inviting texture to your home. Merino Wool has three qualities that every home should look for: hypoallergenic, breathable, and sustainable. Merino wool does not attract dust easily, unlike other types of wool, and it’s a hypoallergenic option that’s safe for sensitive skin. The breathability of Merino wool also creates the ideal sleeping environment for babies, as they provide breathable coziness while preventing overheating. Lastly, Merino is durable and biodegradable. After your baby blanket has reached the end of its life, you can have peace of mind knowing it won’t take up space in a landfill. –Lane & Mae

14) Add some shag to your floor

A shag area rug can easily give a room that warm, cozy feeling. Pick some darker fall shades and tones, and roll out a large, soft, thick, shag area rug to help you stay barefoot for longer as you transition from summer to fall. You can even place the shag area rugs right over your thinner, summer area rugs for extra softness.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere

15) Add a soft glow and warmth by lighting up a cozy candle

It’s time to say goodbye to summer days soaking up the outdoors and hello to comfy fall evenings indoors. Candles are a perfect way to bring warmth into your space and double as awesome decor. Scents like Pumpkin Spice and Fallen Leaves help bring the outdoors in & are sure to make the season transition a breeze. –Eternal Light Candles

Amber Tonka Bean Soy Candles
Amber and Tonka Bean Soy Candles


16) Set the tone with simple decor swaps to create a mysterious and moody ambiance

Transitioning from summer to fall doesn’t always have to be so literal. We love to start with a Haven and Flux intention candle and build around the intention. This year we’re drawing from our FOCUS candle, which means we’re swapping out our fun, light, and bright decor to something a little darker, with spooky tones and thicker textures. It helps us set the mood in our space that aligns with our fall intentions. Plus, who doesn’t love a chunky knit throw blanket? –Haven And Flux

Add natural elements

17) Take inspiration from the outdoors

Being able to connect through our spaces to experience nature- the seasons and weather changes- are vital to our wellbeing. For fall, we love the idea of adding natural elements: using the colors that reflect your outdoor natural world, whether you have a mountain mesa view or forest view, and using patterns, soft textures, nubby throws and rugs, and implementing large windows where you live, lounge, and gather to experience the daylight, sunset light and vistas to reinforce that connection to nature. –Gaia Inspired Design And Consulting

18) Bring out the pumpkins

One of my favorite fall trends is the white pumpkins that you can get at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. I love that you can transition them from fall to the holidays with a bit of glitter or metallic spray paint. Plus, white pumpkins are neutral enough to settle in with any decor. When you spot the white pumpkin, you know fall is around the corner. –B’S Knees Fragrance Co.

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