Ways To Create Positive Community Impact, From Home

Amidst the school and office closures and social distancing practices, creating positive community impact can feel as distant as ever but that doesn’t have to be the case. We need each other to rally for one another more than ever during this uncertain time. Here are 5 ways to create positive community impact from your home.

1. Support hospital staff

Help make a difference in the lives of healthcare workers by practicing expert and government issued advice that includes hand washing and practicing social distancing. It’s best to not stockpile masks, hand sanitizer or other supplies needed by healthcare staff. In addition, check in on the well-being of healthcare workers in your life. If allowed by the hospital, you can offer to send care packages to them and their team to express your gratitude for their hard work. 

 2. Support hourly workers, contract or gig workers, those in the beauty industry and other employees affected by business closure.

Government mandated business closure affects a lot of hourly employees who may not necessarily be paid with the business closure. In addition, not everyone has the luxury of stocking up on supplies like food and toilet paper outside of their paycheck. Consider donating money to food banks so that they can stock up on crucial items. Support anyone you know who is not working with a grocery store gift card or money to help with bills. 

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3. Check up on yourself and people in your life

Social isolation is real and can have negative effects. A 15 minute phone call to a neighbor or family member, a grocery pick-up for an elderly neighbor, or an offer to host a virtual story time for a parent can mean a lot for both of you. Ask if there’s anything they need that you or someone you know could provide. And don’t be afraid to ask for what you need too. 

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4. Support your local businesses 

As much as possible, continue to shop at your local businesses over the big box stores. See if the cafes or restaurants near you are offering pick up options. In addition, many local shops are now offering gift certificates to be used when they reopen to the public. If you can, continue to support local non-profits and schools in your area who are working to provide meals, shelter, and other necessary services for the well-being of your community. Take for example, our parent non-profit New Moms who continues to support young families with housing, food, and other necessary items during this crisis. 


5. Call your government representatives

As new bills are passed to deal with the current situation, it is still important to call your Congress People and Senators and ask them to support assistance for people affected by COVID-19. Congress must also act to support childcare, healthcare, and other frontline workers, who were left out of the paid sick leave support on the first COVID-19 bill. 


We hope this article provides some action steps that you can practice from home and will contribute positively back to our community. Feel free to share other ideas with us at sales@brightendevors.org.

Thank you for lighting the way through this time together! 

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