Denise’s Story & A Celebration

Photo of young moms at graduation

Congrats to our recent graduates! 

Anissa (farthest from left) says, “I learned ownership in this program and how to write my resume. I want to give back one day to this program.” 

 Tabitha (2nd from left) will be starting Year Up Chicago, a program that provides hands-on skills development, courses eligible for college credit, and corporate internships to prepare students for success in professional careers and higher education. 

Production Assistant Spotlight: Denise

making soaking salts for the little market
Denise making soaking salts for The Little Market

Denise, the former Special Projects Team Lead, was recently hired as a CNA with Oak Park Oasis.
Before she starts her new job, she shared some highlights:
Favorite Candle Scent(s):
Black Currant Orchid, Fresh Bouquet, Lavender Sprig (“it’s so relaxing!”)
Topics Learned at Bright Endeavors:
Professionalism, Response inhibition, Leadership
Topics Learned in the Classroom Sessions:
Patience with my son, Checking my credit score, Money saving tips
Hopes & Dreams:
Become a registered nurse, Permanent home, Better relationship with my son
Congrats on all of your next steps, Denise! 
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