Workforce Update

What happens after employees leave Bright Endeavors?

Well, we typically get to say, “Congrats!” We’re reflecting on successes for the month of April where we recently saw 5 young women graduate from our job training program. And they each heard the phrase, “we’d like to offer you a job” by companies specializing in healthcare, yoga and wellness, child care, and even candle production.

Our graduate Cyntia will also be starting college courses and was gifted a Chromebook to help her pursue her endeavors.

Natasha, a recent graduate, fulfilled a career goal of becoming a preschool teacher at Kidz Korner and reports that she is very happy there. We are proud of you, Natasha!

We saw two young moms exit our program early because they received full-time jobs-we count this as a success as well. Ingrid is working at Calihan Catering and Angel is working for Chicago Public Schools.

Way to go!

Employer Testimonial 

“Thank you for sending Shontiesha and Sidney as candidates for Asutra. They have been AWESOME in their first two weeks on the job at Asutra. Sidney has learned to make one of our fastest growing products like a pro and has reached the productivity level of the Houston folks who made the product, after they had been on the job for 2 years. Shontiesha is diligent and pitches in whenever anything needs to be done, big or small, and has learned to make a number of our products already. In fact, she taught Sidney to make one of our mud masks on Friday.
Really appreciate the excellent candidates. Please keep sending any good folks our way!”
-Stephanie M., Owner of Asutra

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